Accounts Receivable Financing

See What’s Possible with On-Demand Capital

LSQ FastTrack removes the pain of extended payment terms, allowing sellers to receive payment the same day their invoice is processed—typically in two to three hours. With on-demand access to capital, sellers can avoid choosing between business growth and making ends meet.

Payment Flexibility

Eliminate Extended
Payment Terms

Too often, large companies optimize their capital at the expense of their sellers, stretching some payments to 90 days or even longer. With LSQ FastTrack, sellers can wipe out extended payment terms and get paid the same day their invoice is processed, instead of waiting for weeks.

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On-Demand Capital

Unlock Cash Trapped
in Unpaid Invoices

Your capital should be on your balance sheet, not in a stack of invoices. Using FastTrack’s secure, streamlined dashboard, sellers can choose the invoices they want paid earlier, giving you greater cash flow control and certainty.

On-demand access to capital On-demand access to capital
Plan for Growth

Maximize Business

The next time a promising business opportunity comes along, be prepared to take it. With LSQ’s built-in credit engine, you can make informed business decisions about the viability of potential clients. With on-demand, scalable access to capital, sellers have the predictability to go beyond the day-to-day, look ahead to the future, and plan for company growth.

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Alternative Finance

Delivering Capital Solutions
for Any Business Need

Whether companies are looking to finance purchase orders or equipment, LSQ teams up with a trusted network of financial partners to address the broader capital needs of our customers. Most importantly, our partners deliver the same level of dedicated service LSQ offers.


PO financing allows sellers to be paid upfront using verified customer invoices.


With inventory financing, the loan is secured by the value of your existing inventory.


With equipment financing, any purchased equipment serves as collateral for your loan.

Have Confidence in Your Capital
to Plan for Growth

LSQ’s cloud-based FastTrack platform can be rapidly
implemented to start processing invoices quickly.

See how we do it.