Accounts Payable Solutions

Give Suppliers Access to
On-Demand Liquidity

LSQ FastTrack empowers buyers to have more agency over their working capital, supports seller health, and strengthens supply chains. Key to LSQ is its ability to work with enterprises of all sizes, including small- to mid-market companies that are often overlooked by supply chain finance programs.

Extended Payment Terms

Optimize Working Capital

Leveraging a streamlined, intuitive platform, FastTrack allows buyers to have a big picture view of their working capital with granular control, enabling them to free up cash where needed and have the agency to plan for strategic growth.

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Buyer/Seller Transparency

Strengthen Supply
Chain Resiliency

FastTrack enables buyers to better optimize their spend through extended payment terms while providing early payment flexibility and certainty to sellers, supporting a healthier and more robust supply chain.

Additionally, by providing sellers flexible access to cash, buyers can further strengthen their supply chain by diversifying their supplier base.

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Reduce Expenses

Lower the Cost of Capital

By offering suppliers early payment options for a discount, buyers reduce their overall cost of capital. And by taking advantage of the infrastructure and tools FastTrack offers for dynamic discounting, buyers can support seller health without affecting their own balance sheet.

reduce-expenses reduce-expenses
Value Beyond Capital

Broadening Access
to Capital, While
Reducing Risk

LSQ’s data-driven approach to risk management allows us to offer diverse funding options to customers, including those from third-party institutions and corporate balance sheets—in addition to our own capital.

Leveraging our proven business track record, partnerships, and unified FastTrack platform, LSQ can deliver optimized working capital to enterprises of all sizes.

Buyer and Seller Synergy

Onboard a Wide
Range of Suppliers

FastTrack features a lightweight KYC process with no lien requirements, allowing for easy and seamless onboarding for suppliers of all sizes—and giving even more suppliers access to a supply chain finance program.

LSQ also supports the entire supplier enrollment process with dedicated client support.

Simplify Access to Working Capital and
Strengthen Your Supply Chain

LSQ’s cloud-based FastTrack platform can be rapidly implemented to start processing invoices quickly.

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