Help Minority Suppliers Get
Working Capital to Succeed

Minority suppliers are traditionally under-banked and have a lack of access to reliable, affordable working capital. With Supply Chain Finance and Accounts Receivable Finance from LSQ, suppliers can leverage the credit rating of buyers to gain access to payments. The result: a healthier, more diverse supply chain.

Help SMBs grow without the need for additional debt.

Provide affordable financing to minority owned SMBs who are under-banked.

Provide real,  measurable action on DEI initiatives.

Access to working capital helps broaden and diversify your supplier population.


Supply Chain Finance

Drive positive, measurable results on corporate DEI initiatives through a supply chain finance program. LSQ provides early payments to minority-owned suppliers at competitive rates to help you build a more diversified, resilient supply chain.

We are here to help you take steps to ensure a level funding playing field for all suppliers.

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Accounts Receivable Finance

Accounts Receivable Finance is an ideal working capital solutions for suppliers who struggle to obtain a traditional line of credit. Receive funds the same-day by selling receivables to LSQ in exchange for a payment advance.

Easier to qualify for than a loan, AR finance helps minority-owned suppliers get the funds they need to grow and succeed.

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Men managers with tablet in a warehouse. Men managers with tablet in a warehouse.

LSQ’s DEI Partners

Case Study

Supply Chain Finance for DEI

Branford’s Originals landed a massive retail deal with top grocery companies. When sales increased by 1,000% Everardo received flexible funding from LSQ to meet the demand.
Everardo Branford, OwnerBranford's OriginalsRead Case Study

Take Action On DEI Initiatives

Access to working capital is essential in helping minority-owned suppliers grow and thrive. Launching an early payment program with LSQ helps suppliers access affordable financing and creates a more diverse, resilient supply chain.

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