Balance Cash Management
and Seller Liquidity

FastTrack brings transparency to the buyer/seller relationship, while also delivering a clear view of seller health. Buyers can leverage a variety of funding sources and lower their cost of capital without disrupting seller liquidity, reducing the risk of supply chain disruption.

Account Dashboard

Explore FastTrack for Accounts Payable

Learn about the solutions that enable buyers to optimize their working capital.

Supply Chain Finance

Align the Buyer-Seller

Through the FastTrack platform, buyers have the ability to provide flexibility to their sellers, while they in turn gain payment certainty with transparent pricing, supporting a healthier and more robust supply chain.

FastTrack frees up working capital for buyers by leveraging third-party funds to pay suppliers early. This drives better visibility and frees up cash, strategic initiatives.

Dynamic Discounting

Fund an Early Payment
Program for Suppliers

LSQ FastTrack enables buyers with excess cash to put that money to work by funding their own early payment program for suppliers. This enables buyers to utilize the FastTrack platform to receive invoice discounts on goods and services in return giving suppliers access to on-demand payments.

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Buyer Analytics

Access Valuable Spend and
Working Capital Insights

FastTrack provides buyers with rich analytics, offering greater transparency with spend and working capital insights, including spend volume, supplier concentration, a view of working capital unlocked over time, and more.

Through a streamlined dashboard, FastTrack also helps buyers identify valuable cost saving options and provides a high-level view of supplier credit health.

Spend Analytics Dashboard Spend Analytics Dashboard

Gain Greater Control and
Visibility of Your Working Capital

LSQ’s cloud-based FastTrack platform can be rapidly implemented to start helping you optimize your cash management.

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