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LSQ enables its partners to utilize the FastTrack® Platform to enhance customer relationships and help them grow their businesses. We connect clients to partners who can help drive growth and long-term success.

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Partner Program

Welcoming Partners

LSQ buyers and sellers have a broad range of needs, which is why we work together with a range of partners to address the unique requirements of our growing customer base. LSQ works with the following types of partners:

  • Advisory and Consulting
  • Technology Platform
  • Financial Institutions
  • Brokers and Referral

Partners who join our program must have sales goals, a sound business plan, marketing investment, executive sponsorship, and—most importantly—a joint proposition that will increase value for our common customers.

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LSQ Referral Center

Sharing success is good business and we believe in providing incentives for any referrals.

Whether you’re aware of someone in need of working capital or have enjoyed working with us, we believe referrals are earned by providing a welcoming and enjoyable experience to clients and partners.

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LSQ’s Partners

Partner with LSQ and Enhance Customer Relationships

Let’s work together to meet the broad needs of our customers and help them plan for continued business growth and success.

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