Simplifying How Companies Access Working Capital

LSQ expands access to financing with an end-to-end platform that provides on-demand access to capital and seamless management of invoices & payments.

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FastTrack: Designed for Simplicity

Providing the Infrastructure
to Unlock Working Capital

LSQ FastTrack® enables faster, more transparent decision-making, payment certainty, and risk mitigation—all through an intuitive interface. Easy to implement, FastTrack accelerates the delivery of working capital.

A robust, cloud-based platform, FastTrack offers these features and more:

Account Dashboard
On-demand access to capital
Spend Analytics Dashboard
The LSQ FastTrack Platform

Manage Cash Flow Through an
Intelligent, End-to-End Platform

LSQ goes beyond providing users with accelerated payments. The platform offers improved visibility and control of cash flow to enable a more strategic deployment of capital.

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Improving Resiliency
Across Industries

With over $25 billion in funds deployed over the last 25 years, LSQ understands how business gets done, ensuring success for enterprises of all sizes.

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Manufacturers and suppliers can use FastTrack as a way to focus on other areas, innovating new products and investing in training for employees. Improving cash flow helps fund key initiatives.

Through FastTrack, buyers and sellers can better forecast the feasibility of future transactions, keeping critical energy and utility operations running smoothly.

FastTrack’s AR solution allows suppliers to receive funding in a matter of days, enabling large orders to be filled continuously. LSQ’s dashboard also gives suppliers a view of customers’ credit health.

The supply chain can drive operational, clinical, and financial health. While the healthcare industry presents many challenges, the FastTrack platform enhances sustainability and delivers efficiency.

Improving supply chain performance gives pharmaceutical companies an advantage. FastTrack is a forward-thinking solution, providing access to the capital required for growth.

In today’s rapidly changing business world, it’s important for companies to have control over their cash flow. FastTrack provides the tools to help companies optimize their working capital.


Clearing the Path for Growth

By smoothing working capital needs, LSQ gives enterprises
the flexibility to reinvest in growth.

LSQ provides excellent cost-effective financial vehicles by which we can improve our liquidity and working capital to accommodate rapid growth.
Jim Boyd, PresidentMarrone Bio InnovationsRead More
[LSQ] supports our working capital needs and allows future growth capital to be used for delivering our solutions to more customers.
Kevin McBride, CFOSafetrustRead More
You folks have been so helpful and valuable to what we're doing here that I have grown to consider LSQ as a segment of our organization.
Joe Zielinskie, CEO and FounderNew World StainlessRead More
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Partner with LSQ

Transform Working Capital with Us

LSQ partners with leading financial institutions, technology companies and advisors to broaden access to working capital for their customers.

LSQ also enables partners to utilize the FastTrack platform to broaden their reach and offer an early payment solution that solves their customers’ cash flow management challenges.

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Simplify Access to Working Capital
and Improve Cash Flow

LSQ’s cloud-based FastTrack platform can be rapidly implemented to start processing invoices quickly—giving you the confidence and visibility to keep business moving forward.

See how we do it.

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